Communication Theory Workshop 2014

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May 25-28, 2014

Advance Registration
April 22, 2014

Poster Submission Deadline
March 10, 2014

Accepted Posters

Authors Title 
Bane Vasic, Shiva Planjery, and David Declercq Low-complexity Multi-Bit Iterative Decoders: Algorithms and Hardware Architectures
Matt Valenti A Direct Approach to Spatial Averaging
Peng Guan and Marco Di Renzo A Mathematical Framework to the Error Probability of Downlink MIMO Cellular Networks by Using Stochastic Geometry
Wei Lu and Marco Di Renzo The Equivalent-in-Distribution (EiD)-based Approach: On the Analysis of Cellular Networks Using Stochastic Geometry
M. A. Sedaghat, R. R. Muller and G. Fischer Load Modulated Massive MIMO
Sarabjot Singh and Jeffrey G. Andrews Millimeter Wave Cellular Networks: Modeling and Rate Distribution
Behrooz Makki, Thomas Eriksson, Tommy Svensson Green Communication via Relay-ARQ
Ryota Yoshizawa and Hideki Ochiai Balancing PAPR and Error Performance of OFDM Signals Using Trellis-Based Constellation Selection
Ehsan E. Khaleghi and Jean-Claude Belfiore Interference Alignment via Precoded Compute-and-Forward
F. Javier Lopez-Martinez, Eduardo Martos-Naya, Jose F. Paris, Andrea Goldsmith The dynamics of user channels in massive MIMO systems

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